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An excellent training of a young horse has a great importance for the future.

You can contact us for:

Keuring (Examination)


Preparing both stallions and mares for all inspections in Europe.

First time under the saddle
The beginning of training is a critical phase. Lunging until we sit down must be learned with confidence.



Ibop (dressage)
For an Ibop presentation, the horse must ride an ability test. The horse has to present a good test, and a proper training has great importance.
Presenting at competitions​​
In addition to the ability test, we can also train your horse for dressage competitions.
Buy or sale your horse
If you are looking for a new jumping or dressage horse you can consult us. We will learn what you wish for and search for the right horse for you. You can also contact us if you want to sale your horse and we will help you find the right buyer.

You are warmly welcome at Beukens stables

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