Our successes.


In our years of training, we have already successfully passed horses the tests, and we have also trained many good horses. Here are some of these successes:

Vuvuzela Z

Vagabond de la pomme x Casantos


Bred and sold by us to the USA.


As a 2.5 years old stallion, the famous Valegro was trained and presented at the KWPN stallion show by Wilbert.

Cumano x Chellano.


As a 3 years old, this mare became champion at the CK of Utrecht region. 

She was trained and presented by Wilbert.



Unaniem x Wagner

KWPN Ster mare


Sold as a 3 years old.

At 6 yrs she competed at the World championships in show jumping in Zangersheide, Lanaken.

Now, compete1.30m nationally and internationally.

Fleur de Lis

Fernando x Unaniem

2 years old stallion from Cavallerie. In our possession and will be prepared for the stallion inspection.

Fufu Z

Fernando x casantos



3 years old stallion, half-brother of Vuvuzela Z.

Being prepared for the studbook inspection in Zangersheide.

Sold as a foal (half) to the Vuvuzela Z owners.