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Who we are

We are Wilbert and Cindy Beukens. You have probably seen us by now in the "keuring" ( performing tests ) ring in the Netherlands.

We have been living in Brabant from 2012 where our son Bram was born.

After years we have been in the business, and together with all of our experiences, we have decided it is now the time to find to start our private place - Beukens Stables.


Wilbert Beukens


Wilbert is a farmer's son how in an early stage in his life found himself changing his place between the cows, to where horses are.
After the equine education & training he gained in Deurne, he immediately started working at "Van Olst stallions."
There Wilbert has obtained his KI certificate and learned everything about the breeding stallions.
After a while, he started working at "Stal Schep." 
He has already prepared a lot of approved stallions for the inspection, so he knows very well how to identify a young horse with potential.

Cindy Beukens


Cindy has also started riding early and found the young horses always a challenge. 
After her equine education & training in "Deurne," she started working at "Stal van Hoof," where she has prepared many mares and approved stallions for the inspection.
She has also trained many horses, including selected stallions for apprenticeships, and has ridden several horses successfully on competitions.

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